Target Property

Our Target Property product is a monthly subscription service with the frequent user in mind. Pay one flat monthly fee and access the service as much as you need it.

Target Property
Target Property allows the user to search for information on all outstanding Real Estate transactions posted against a piece of property, on a monthly subscription basis, including:

Current Deed
Primary Mortgage
Second Mortgages
Current Taxes and Assessed Property Values
Judgment and Lien Notification

Target Property provides a variety of ways to access this information, including:
Tax Number
Owner Name and  Property Address
Tax Payer Name and Address
City and Zip Code
Sale Amounts and Dates
Mortgage Amounts and Dates
Property Characteristics

In addition to retrieving and displaying information, Target Property offer advanced features, such as:
Comparative Market Analysis
Mailing Labels
Property Detail Reports
  Integration with Popular Desktop Products (e.g., Word, WordPerfect,  Excel, Act!, etc.)

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