The Premier Information Provider

REALINFO, LLC is the premier provider of on-line real estate information in the Chicagoland market. Our products and services are derived from the wants and needs of our customers. Constantly monitoring our customers views and comments we have created products uniquely designed to provide real estate professionals and consumers with timely, complete and up-to-date real estate information.

REALINFO'S Target Property and  Target Express Services compile

  • Nation's most comprehensive title plant data
  • County Assessor data
  • County Recorder's Office data
  • City of Chicago Planning Department data
  • U.S. Census Bureau data

When combined and focused, data in our system provides a powerful marketing tool that can help users narrow their direct marketing and develop more realistic customer profiles. The focus intensifies even more when REALINFO's expanded database is combined with an existing client database to create a custom product. The database also allows users to research individual properties to determine ownership, sales information and mortgage information as well as perform a comparative market analysis.

Today, more than ever, real estate professionals and consumers need information products and services that provide accurate and up-to-date data, easy-to-use web interfaces, flexibility in accessing, displaying and downloading information and the ability to customize applications to fit their individual business needs. REALINFO provides the means to meet these needs, and more, through their unique collection of products and services.

Express Custom Services

REALINFO staff works with you to custom design results focused on your unique business needs.

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